Perth’s Video Studio that tells stories

Film My Video is an award winning video production and eLearning design and production house.

We help you create and deliver your unique story and message through video to online audiences to help build brand and expert profiles. We have a full green screen studio in Leederville and offer onsite production services to capture all types of content.

Corporate Branding

Let us help you promote your business and share your story online. People prefer to do business with people they know, like and trust, and video is the one way to connect your business with your prospects directly that builds profile and trust.

We offer a way to:

Reinforce your branding

Build the profile of the owners

Feature the office, site or factory

Get on to You Tube and other social media

Personal Branding

Let us help you build your personal brand as an expert, speaker, consultant or educator. These videos help you tell your story, build your profile, and deeply connect with your viewers.

We offer a way to:

  • Reinforce your personal branding;
  • Build the profile of your expertise;
  • Enable interview style engagement;
  • Feature your personal story, expertise and vision; and
  • Get on to YouTube, LinkedIn, your website and other social media.

eLearning Products

Let us help you create exceptional in-house or publicly online training courses that can speed the development of team members, or attract income for on-demand courses.

We offer a way to:

Provide worldwide 24×7 accessible online education

Design and create eLearning educational product

Generate income from selling training materials

Develop your inhouse team by accelerating their training

Live Streaming for Speakers

Let us help you get to a global audience with your live streaming speaking.

We offer a way to:

  • Deliver high quality live streaming to anywhere in the world in real time;
  • Manage the technology while you are focusing on the speaking; and
  • Run the production.

    Live Training and Coaching

    Let us help you get online and present yourself in a professional way.

    We offer a way to get professional instruction in:

    Strategising your expertise to create or improve your online profile

    Designing and planning your eLearning solution

    Creating video content creation

    Film My Video

    Perth’s Video Studio that tells stories

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